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DC Power for Data Center Information and Publications

Organization(s) Title Authors
Direct Power technologies, Inc. Higher Voltage DC (HVDC) Power Solutions for Critical Power Environments David Geary
  How Do I Use a DC-UPS in my Data Center Today David Geary
  The Green Data Center w/High Reliability DC Power Distribution System David Geary
Emerson Network Power DC Power Systems For Convergent Networks  
  High Availability Power Alternatives for Cisco 4500 PoE Applications  
EPRI DC Power Prorduction, Delivery & Utilization Karen George
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Rumsey Engineers
EYP Mission Critical Facilities
Best Practices for Data Centers:
Lessons Learned from Benchmarking 22 Data Centers
Steven Greenberg
Evan Mills
Bill Tschudi
Peter Rumsey
Bruce Myatt
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Rumsey Engineers
Measuring and Managing Energy Use in Data Centers Bill Tschudi
Peter Rumsey
M.A. Piette
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory High-Performance Data Centers Bill Tschudi
Tengfang Xu
Dale Sartor
Jay Stein
  High Performance Buildings: Data Centers
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
My Ton
Brian Fortenbery
Bill Tschudi
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
DC Power for Data Centers Bill Tschudi
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Rumsey Engineers
High Performance Data Centers: A Design Guideline Sourcebook  
Ecos Consulting
EPRI Solutions
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
DC Power for Data Centers - A Demonstration  Bill Tschudi
Intel Intel Eco-Rack  
Netpower Labs DC is a better product than AC for Electronic Load  
  Comparison of the AC UPS and the DC UPS solutions for Critical Loads John Akerlund
Christer Boije af Gennas
  Powering the Internet - Broadband Equipment in All Facilities - the Need For a 300VDC Powering & Univeral Current Option  
Nextek Current Affairs - Distributed generation microgrids must be predominantly DC to succeed

  How Feed-In Tariffs Inhibit the Efficiency of Distributed Generations (DG)

  Reframing the Electrical Grid Problem  
Nippon Telephone & Telegraph

NTT Facilities: Strategy Planning Department
  Green Energy for Telecommunicatioins
Hiroaki Ikebe,
Nobuhiko Yamashita, Reiko Nishii
  Power Systems For Telecommunications in the IT Age

Hiroaki Ikebe
Senior VP
NTT Facilities

  Reliability Field Data of Power Systems  
  Unavailability Field Data of AC/DC Power Systems  
Rackable Systems DC Power Technology - High Efficiency & Reliability for Any Data Center  
  From the Grid to the CPU: Minimizing Operational Expenses in Today's Data Centers Rackable Systems, Inc.
 The Green Grid Qualitative Analysis of Power Distribution
Configurations for Data Centers

 US EPA Report to Congress on Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency : Public Law 109-431.  
 ZERODOWNTIME DC Power - Charging up the Energy Debate  

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